Planet News pic – Count Basie 1960’s – more images please

By November 4, 2013 November 9th, 2013 Will Carleton

UPDATE 10:30: this in from picture library Topfoto who now hold the Planet News picture collection.

Hi Will
24 October 1957
4 negs in the bag! and are in good shape. – They are being scanned as I type.

Below is the rest of the shoot! – Thanks to John Balean at Topfoto:

Posted 9:30am IMG_2683
This in from former Times photo library staffer Bruce Miles.
See his article: Remembering Fleet Street

‘Hi Will,
The attached photo was taken in the early 60`s by Planet News on the occasion of the presentation of a sculptured bust of Count Basie at Dobell`s jazz record shop in Charing Cross Road. The sculpture was done by my then wife Elaine Stratton. There were other shots taken and so I`d be keen to see them. Does anyone know anything about these pics ? Does Planet News still exist ?’

Planet news is now held at the Topfoto picture library – the PPHP has put Bruce in touch with Topfoto and we will report back on any other images found from this shoot – when the archivist has time to dig through the files….