Remembering Fleet Street: Bruce Miles – The Times picture department 1950’s

By October 6, 2013 October 13th, 2013 Will Carleton

Bruce Miles (photo above) has contacted me by phone wanting to find out more about the photo department of the Times Newspaper where he worked at the age of 15 from 1951 to 1954. Bruce wanted to record his memories working at the great newspaper and was interested to see if I could find any images from that time.
I emailed Chris Whalley – head of the Times photo archive – who sent over a couple of images as starters!
Mr Ulric Van den Bogaerde (L) and Mr Grimwade on the Times Picture Desk | File PHOT0013c665 | ©Times Newspapers Ltd

This from Bruce Miles – more to follow….
Hi Will,
As promised here are a few memories of my time at The Times newspaper when it was situated in Victoria Street during 1951-54. The staff photographers then were Bill Warhurst. Barker, Greenwood, and Risley. In the retouching studio were Ted Roe and others who’s names I`m not sure of. The darkrooms were the domain of Fred Winter a true cockney who wore immaculate bight suits and bow ties. The art editor Ulric van den Bogarde`s secretary was a Mr. Hickman and there were two night editors Budge and Bottomley. The negative filing department was on Victoria Street run by a Mr. Wooley or Wooloff. If you need to prompt me for anything else let me know. Only too glad to help. Hope this will be of some interest.

Two further photographers were Cathal O`Gorman and Fred Shepherd along with Jack Barker and Eric Greenwood. O`Gorman I think took the Queen`s coronation shots from our position on the Queen Victoria memorial outside the palace on `long Tom`the huge telephoto lens which I had been responsible for watching over during the night.

Kind regards
Bruce Miles

I hope to be working with the Times and Bruce to complete this article with a few more images.

Pictured: Ulric Van den Bogaerde. Art editor of The Times newspaper for 35 years. Pictured here with his staff ( Left-Right ) Mr J Budge, Deputy Picture Editor. Mr Ulric Van den Bogaerde, Picture Editor. Mr C O’Gorman, Photographer. Mr William / Bill Warhurst, Photographer at work in the Art department 10th March 1950.
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