The PPHP just finished a small research project for a member of the public who wanted to trace more images from press shoot in 1943.

Hi Will
• I wondered if you could help regarding the attached photograph of my wife’s late uncle, Derrick Fielden, who was killed in a Lancaster Bomber in August 1943.
The photograph bears the stamp Graphic Photo Union – 200 Grays End Road – London WC1. From your site it appears that this s now controlled by News UK.
The photograph was taken around 23rd May 1943 and possibly published with an article in The Daily Sketch around 25th May. The photograph was taken at 467 Squadron at RAF Bottesford.
The photo bears the reference 4/M4220 on the reverse. 
What would really be of assistance to my wife’s family would be to locate any other photographs take on this visit to Bottesford.
I understand that you have a great contact network and we would be so grateful for any help that you can give.
We contacted our man in the News UK archives and after a thorough search this what he sent us.
• Just went out back and did a thorough search with my colleague who knows that war period negs inside out and we found a reference for a few glass plate neg jobs numbered M4220… series but none of the ones featuring RAF that survived were the images your correspondence needed. Really sorry we could nto help it is possible a neg or series of neg were lost, there are many holes during that war period. We can tell looking at the print supplied it appears to be a censored print from the whited out masked area on background this was common place for maps of any information often in background of those images, censored images were often sent out to theWW2 censor and negs often did not make it back.