Update; Joe Illingworth and photographer Herbert Dewhirst

By September 7, 2011 Will Carleton

UPDATE: 7th Sept 2011 – We have been contacted by another PPHP reader trying to find Illingworth & Dewhirst: “Dear Mr Carleton, I would be interested to know if you have any information on Dewhirst (and Illingworth) as I am currently researching the background to a photograph taken by him at Deurne on 4 th Nov 1944 of an RAF briefing, and showing my father, that was published in the Yorkshire Post on 8th Nov 44”.

6th April 2011: A new reader of PPHP has sent this request: ‘Does anyone have any leads on the Yorkshire Post war reporter Joe Illingworth and photographer Herbert Dewhirst, who between them did some remarkable reporting on the Allied campaign in Normandy in summer 1944. Dewhirst’s photos of Norman towns bombed to pieces were particularly evocative. Email Mark Rowe at [email protected]. Or indeed are there any other sources of war photography from that D-Day campaign.