Times Wide World – Missing Images: 1919 – 1941

By March 4, 2010 Uncategorized

All images copyright Times Wide World London Bureau

“These photos of the Times Wide World London Bureau’s picture library are a mystery. Where did all the 1.5 million negs and prints of the Times Wide World London Bureau end up? We have no record of any transaction (like our Paris office giving the USIA their 1 million prints and negs).Any ideas would be appreciated.”

“When the AP took over Wide World in July 1941, they took the name but not the rights or the negs. (or so we’ve all always believed) So if the London Bureau had hundreds of thousands of prints & negs pre-dating the takeover, why would the Times give them all pix that we still had the rights to? It’s quite strange. Unless the caveat was that the credit would still read (Times Wide World) and the passage of time has erased that caveat.”