This photo in from Dean Osborne, Picture Editor Daily Star Sunday -that’s him ↑ second in from the right on the bottom row.

• Tom Whipps, Martin Spaven (Former S People pic ed now freelance photographer), Jack Cockings, Paul Kerridge, Terry Smith, Richard Brown, Peter Meager, Gary Dunn (still at UPPA/Photoshot) David Kilburn, Neil Twyford.
• (Middle Row LtoR) Phil Harrison, Jules Lyne, Amanda Jobson (freelance photographer), Ken Goodman, Vic Streater, Jim Dickson, Richard Pelham (chief sports photographer at The Sun), Julia Dare, Peter Dare (Director at Photoshot)
• (Front Row LtoR) Brian Bird, Les Graves, Jo Healey, Jason ?, Mark Palmer, Dean Osborne (Pic Ed at Daily Star Sunday), Jane Strurridge.

this from Dean last week
Afternoon Will,

Hope all’s good with you.
I’ve found this image of the staff of UPPA taken for the retirement of manager Ken Goodman in (I think) 1982 at the office studios in 30-34 New Bridge Street, EC4.
Not sure if UPPA were/are a big enough agency to feature on your photo history page but please feel free to add it if you are interested. I’ve put a left to right caption below and in brackets are the current positions (I know of)

If you know the others (and what they are doing now) drop me a line [email protected] and I will fill in the gaps. – Cheers again for taking the time on this Dean!

• UPPA was bought in 2004 and the absorbed into Photoshot. View UPPA articles on the PPHP