S&G 1977 © unknown/supplied by David Ofield

December 2018 Retired picture editor Dave Ofield has been going through his industry photo albums and sent us this shot of the staff of the Sport & General
“Will, photo taken around about 1977, I think It was taken at the retirement of John Macnee (centre standing)”

Update 3 April 2019 

Hi Will,
Thanks for the info,I have had quite a few calls on this picture since you put it on the website at the moment we are two short,as it stands the following names are all confirmed.
Thanks Dave,
Left to right back row: Unknown, Unknown, Brian Thomas, Tony Sapiano, Dave Ofield, Tony”Scobie”Riggs, Alisdair Loos, Ray Millighan,
Middle Row: Denis Jones, John Macnee, Ian Swift, Bob Collins,
Front Row: Neville Marriner, Hugh Routledge, Stuart Clarke, Roy Chaplin, Julian Parker, Dave Benett.

Update 2 April 2019 this in from Paul Elliott:

Dear Will,

I worked at S&G Press Agency in the 70’s. I worked with Scobie, Julian Parker, Dave Benett, Hugh Routledge, John Macnee, Bod Collins, Dave O’field, Stuart Clark, Roy Chaplin, I remember a few faces in the pic that Dave O’field uploaded (I remember Dave very well).

Back row:

4 in – Dave O’field

5 in – Tony aka ‘Scobie’ (Darkroom printer)

Middle row:

3 in – John Macnee (what a master, couple of old Pentax cameras and half a role of film would last him a week)

5 in – Bob Collins

Front row

2 in – Hugh Routledge

3 in – Stuart Clark

4in – Roy Chaplin

5 in – Julian Parker

6 in – Dave Benett

Update Dec 2018
Mark Leech at Offside Sports sent this: ‘Brian Thomas, Tony Sapiano, Julian Parker, Hugh Routledge and Roy Chaplin’
And a PPHP follower on Instagram said ‘Is that Dave Benett on the right?!’
Photographer Cisotti Max just confirmed Dave B bottom right.
Peter Dare of PR photo agency Dare Hier sent this “
I think John Rodgers is centre front row (Grey hair). He owned S&G and also Barretts Photo Press”

[email protected] if you recognise any others!