Searching for London Electrotype Agency

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March 2011:  This in from a researcher at Université Paris 1/Sorbonne:
“I am a nautical archaeologist and author and would like to contact whoever owns the copyrights of the former London Electrotype Agency Ltd (London) to inquire about pictures related with China in the 1930’s.”
“One such picture was then published by National Geographic and I wonder about whom I should contact in order to publish it in a book in preparation related with ancient Chinese nautics.”

if you own the rights or have information to where the agency now is please contact the press photo history project: 01233 770044 – will[at]

UPDATE: this in from a PPHP reader: Luci Gosling
Hi. The London Electrotype Agency was originally the name of the Illustrated London News Picture Library. Mary Evans Picture Library now houses and manages the library and can be contacted for all image requests and copyright permissions.

Found, completed projects:
March 2011: PPHP traced copyright holders for prints in the London School Of Economics photo library.

Jan 2011: PPHP put photo agency TopFoto in touch with the correct contact at another photo agency to handle a copyright issue regarding one of their represented photographers. The matter has now been resolved.

If you would like the PPHP top help you find a contact at an agency –  we are in touch with most of them.  – contact: will AT

During November 2010  – The Press Photo History Project was contacted by various media owners and private collections searching for image copyright holders. Two examples are Kyodo News in Japan who were trying to trace the Sport & General photo agency, we have put them in touch with the Press Association library and the LSE – London School of Economics and Political Science – who wanted to track down the ownership of Sport & General also at PA.