Searching for: The Stage Photo Company – Illustrated Sunday Herald – Oxford Journal Illustrated

By February 21, 2017 Will Carleton
Hello Will,
I was given your name  as I am trying to trace a number of photo agency/publication archives and he suggested you were the man to ask. Having looked at the Press Photo History Project website, I guess he was probably right!
I am interested in using some photos I have seen credited to those agencies and hope to be able to source them through an operational agency that might happen to hold rights to the collection.
The agencies are:
The Stage Photo Company (which were certainly operational in the mid 1920s)
Wide World
I have also seen photos credited within long defunct publications where the magazine is credited with the copyright.The publications are:
The Oxford Journal Illustrated
Illustrated Sunday Herald
Found: The Mirror newspaper  – who hold the © on the Herald newspaper say : The Sunday Illustrated Herald collection was split when the title was closed. We have some but the majority of the collection was sold to Popperfoto which are now licensed by Getty