Searching For: Tella / Brook Tella photo agency 1930’s

By July 27, 2015 Will Carleton
Update – this in from John at Topfoto: ‘Only listed in the 1975 NPD. Seem to be a printer?’
This in from a PPHP visitor Russell Hays who is looking to clear copyrights on a motor industry book. He is currently clearing material with Mirrorpix, Topfoto, LAT and Fox Photos but needs help locating an agency called Tella or Brook Tella which operated during the 1930’s Devonshire Street and Exmoor Street London.
Hi Will
Good to talk to you today. Here’s more detail about the book, my pictures and the copyright tracing I’m looking at.
My idea, taken up by The History Press, is called Earls Court Motor Show, an illustrated history. Due out in 2016 but all copy and pics need to be in by late September 2015 (!). I’d like to get my final pic selection sorted by late August. It’s a nostalgic look at the building (now being demolished), the show and the cars between 1937 and 1977, really trying to get the atmosphere on press and public days.
The Earls Court/Olympia archive went recently to the London Metropolitan Archive and has only just started cataloguing. I have found about 50 potential images, typically panoramas of shows before they opened, some exteriors, and the EC construction in 1936/37. I have snaps of them taken for my reference but they are not scanned yet.
Earls Court has said it’s happy for me to use them but LMA would like to establish the photographer copyright as some have photography names on the reverse.
The images which I would be most likely to use are the Tella ones. In the 1936/37 construction shots (which have the name of the architects Hegeman-Harris on the front as they are a sequence of progress shots) the reverse is Tella, Devonshire Street (I can go back and see the full address if need be) and when we get to the 1960s and ’70s panoramas it is Brook-Tella of Exmoor Street. Where Fox is stamped on the reverse I think it is Scoresby Street.
If you have the Teller collection or know it’s current whereabouts please email [email protected]

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