August 5 2022: Sad news.
The PPHP received this message from Owen’s wife Ellen: “It is with a heavy heart I must inform you that my husband Ray Wellingson passed away on June 30th.”
Ellen will be sending the PPHP a few letters relating to Owen’s time with the Daily Mirror  – update soon.
RIP Owen.

July 21 2022: Found! and Great news!
Owen’s son Clive has been in touch and tell’s us:
‘Proud to say this is my father.’
‘He’s still going strong’

The PPHP have put everyone in touch via email.

Jan 26 2018: A PPHP reader and photo researcher is trying to track down Freelance sports photographer Owen Barnes …answers on an email please to [email protected]

March 16 2018:
Hi Will,
I live in Canada but I worked in 60s and 70s in the Daily Mirror Darkrooms 33 Holborn 1964 – 1974. I knew Owen Barnes. He was one of may stringers they used he was known as Barnes of Stanmore. Aged now guessing 70 +  no idea if alive. By the way stringers were known as where they worked.
Never met him once.  But Barnes was snobbish fellow always wanted his films processed like a masterpiece.

At that time we knew these guys for their names as hardly met them. Barnes came into the Mirror though.
Names I recall:

Cassingham –  hung outside the Law Courts Stand with is Super Ikonta in his pocket snapping celebs.
Louis Garnade of 1 Jesus Lane, Cambridge ( known to be at this address 1965/66) the first UK winner of the World Press Award.

He was stringer for Sketch , Mirror , Herald/Sun  and also for Anglia TV
Pryke of Luton.
Murray of Ealing – Murray of Ealing nicknamed Arthur Murray of the Dancing School.
Tophams of Liverpool.
Editorial Press Fleet street  Roy Milligan.
Roy Reemer Fleet Street.
A few more here:
I didn’t know much about these agencies as they sent in films as stringers didnt come to the office. They were just names.
Tophams you can look on net. I THINK  Mirabel Topham  family owned Aintree Racecourse and had rights to photos of Grand National.
Central Press were in Gough Square lie Sport and General were huge  supplying pic off events worldwide,
Editorial Press were in Bouverie Street a small op dealing with sports and general subjects.
Paul Popper became Popperfoto still going.Owned by Getty Images.
Reemers were really advertising editorial things..Reemer very anti print union.
Arthur Murray one man stringer west London..Ealing.
Garnade a local agency covering stuff in Cambs area.