Updated 29 Jan 2018: another family photo was sent to us recently with a agency stamp on  – here:



Mistery (Belgium) Wedding

This in from a reader in Adelaide:
Can you help?
I am looking for clues as to the identity of the wedding group in the picture taken by Portman Press Bureau in Sloane Street SW 1.
Folio 2690/C
It is taken during war time and the people probably have Belgium links.
My Aunty (and Godmother) a flight Sergeant WRAF is bottom row left. Her mother was Belgian and she was also born in Belgium.
Paul B.

The PPHP has had a few requests for the archives of Portman Press, the agency must have been of a reasonable size but possibly concentrated on commercial photo shoots rather than a full press photography service as our regular sources from industry and a request in 2013  have not come forward with any information. Any clues or answers to [email protected] – thanks.

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