Searching for photos: Norman Storer – evacuation of Qui Nhon 1975

By February 11, 2013 Will Carleton


Just wondering if you’d be willing to circulate this around your archive contacts.

I would like to locate an image for a civilian veteran of the Vietnam war who was employed by the Save The Children Fund. Aid worker Norman Storer was present at the evacuation of Qui Nhon, Vietnam around March 31 – 2nd April 1975. He was then involved in ‘Operation Babylift’ in Saigon.

He recalls he was photographed boarding a aircraft at Qui Nhon belonging to Air America. Apparently photographs of this particular evacuation were published in US news media (I don’t know where) with the caption of “last American out of Qui Nhon” or words to that effect although he was not named. In this photo he describes he had his foot on a kit bag.

If anyone can give me any guidance on where this image might be found I would be most grateful. Norman’s children would like to locate it and make a surprise gift of it as this is the only photograph he knows that was published of his work with Save The Children. He was in fact a British citizen.

There is an archive of Save The Children’s work in Vietnam but it is not accessible or searchable. I have asked the Air America archive at

Please contact will@pressphotohistory