Searching for: Photographer Sam Lambert – architectural photographer

By December 12, 2013 September 23rd, 2016 Will Carleton

UPDATE 4 March 2014: Found – The PPHP now has information and copyright details for Sam Lambert collection – if you need these please email [email protected] | Call 07802437827.
And this in from Carrie at the Tate: “Will – thank you so much for posting the request and babysitting it – really glad that it’s turned something up.”

The Rights Clearance dept at a public London art gallery have contacted the PPHP looking for contact details for the estate of photographer Sam Lambert.
They say: Dear Will,

I’m working on the Transforming Tate Britain: Archive & Access project, a major initiative aiming to digitise, and make available online, the archives of 52 artists in our collection.

There are a number of photographs in Ben Nicholson’s archive taken by a photographer called SAM LAMBERT and I am trying to trace contact details for his estate. I wondered whether you might be able to post my request for information on your site board to see whether anyone has any clues? From what I have gleaned so far, he was primarily known as an architectural photographer.

If you or your contributors/broader photographic community could help in anyway that would be wonderful.

Many thanks in advance for your time.

Kind regards

Answers on an email or call please and I will put you in touch: [email protected] Office 07802437827 (UK)