Searching for: London News Agency staff 1920

By June 28, 2013 Will Carleton

this in from a PPHP reader:
Dear Will- I was researching the London News Agency where my great great grandfather the writer and social reformer THOMAS HAMILTON GARSIDE worked c1920.

He had come from Manchester- been a Union President in the US, having co-authored the influential 1918 Report on Pensions for Servicemen with Liberal Whip James Myles Hogge MP.

I wondered if you had any information-photos etc- perhaps with whom TH Garside worked, or details about the agency.

It was at the height of the mysterious disappearance of MP Victor Grayson from the nearby Coal Hole pub- you might be interested in googling Maundy Gregory who fixed honours for Lloyd George.

if you have info please email the PPHP office on [email protected]