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By July 27, 2015 July 30th, 2015 Will Carleton



This just in:

Hello Will,
Thank you for taking the time to talk to me today about our family photograph.

We have no idea of the year or where it was taken.
My father in law, Lawrence Gill is the gentleman to the far right in the picture.
He was born in Castleford, Yorkshire in 1912 and was 27years old when war was declared. He joined the RAF soon after.

As requested I enclose the photograph and also include a  copy of the reverse side.

It is a proud moment for my wife’s family to look back on this occasion but sadly we have no additional information to hand down to our children.

I really do hope that you can help in our search for answers.

Once again, many thanks,
Neil Hartley

answers on an email to [email protected]

UPDATE: this in from Matthew Butson, Vice President, Hulton Archive, London who hold some of the Planet collection

Having looked at QM in the same ‘get up’ (she did wear the same things quite a lot though!),. Could have been taken at the Mostyn Club, London (American Red Cross) on 17th Feb 1942…but am guessing – here’s two shots from that day – if you notice in your pic, her ‘stole’ is being held at her side…otherwise hat, brooch, pearls and dress are the same and George is in the right gear, minus hat;



Then Neil Hartley: 

Hello Will,
My eagle eyed wife has just pointed out that the QM is wearing a Three line of pearls and a collarless coat.
On my wife’s fathers photograph the QM is wearing a Four line of pearls and certainly a coat with a lapel. It’s a woman’s thing.
Hope that helps.

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