Updated: 29 May 2014
↑ This in from Press Photo History Project reader: Justin Cowley
“Hello will ,
Here is photo I managed to find . My father John Cowley is in middle sitting on stool with back to us , I know his friend Mike Sargent op with blonde hair and white shirt but who the others are I’m afraid i do not know. This was taken I think in 1958/59”

4 March 2014
This in from PPHP reader Rebecca Warren:

‘My father used to work for Carleton Artists (could be ‘Carlton’ Artists) in Portman Square in 1959. They used to photograph many different adverts for publications such as women’s weekly and Hawkins Bazaar. He has been trying to trace them and i was wondering if you have heard anything about them?’

Answers on an email please: [email protected] | Call Will on 07802437827 – Thanks