Searching for: Associated Illustration Agencies Ltd | International Press & Photo Service

By February 21, 2017 Will Carleton

This in from a reader  – a photo researcher in Berlin:
Dear Will,

I hope everything is well…
and the sun is shining in London like here in Munich…
I have a question:
I m working at the moment on a private project – it is for an exhibition with historic images.
In this case i have found images from following 2 agencies in London
but besides the name i could´t find more information about these 2 companies
so it is difficult to clear the copyrights.
Maybe you know more about these 2 agencies.
1) Associated Illustration Agencies Ltd
St Mary Chambers 161 a, Strand, London
2) International Press & Photo Service,
I.P.S. – Photo ,
177  -178 Fleet Street, london
I know that the Fleet Street was “The newspaper” Street in earlier times..but i could´t find out more about this service
If yes it would great and very helpful.
thanks a lot to UK
Answers on an email please: [email protected] or call +44(0)7802347827