Press Photo History on The Daily Drone

By July 6, 2016 Will Carleton

Great news for the PPHP this week, we now have a firm link with The Daily Drone – a website run by Ex Daily Express Chief Sub-Editor Mr Alastair McIntyre.

• Alastair McIntyre worked for 32 years a journalist on the Daily Express, a national newspaper for Britain, based in London. He has now retired from the Express after accepting voluntary redundancy from a management who co-operated in his Great Escape by waving a few tenners under his nose. He has wisely spent some of the money on a Jaguar motor car which he drives, à la Toad of Toad Hall, around the verdant English countryside.

Before the Express, McIntyre worked on a variety of magazines, weekly and evening newspapers and the Press Association, the national news agency for the UK. He also had a less-than-illustrious career in the Westminster Bank until he left out of sheer boredom. It must be admitted, however, that his innumeracy did not further his career in the bank.

Strangely, he actually climbed the journalistic ladder to become Chief Sub-Editor of the Daily Express, a position he held for seven years. He then retreated down-table to rejoin the real journalists, the Yeomen and Yeo-women of the News Sub-Editors, where he could sometimes enjoy a late afternoon power nap. …read on here