Are you looking to clear a copyright on a photo and all you have to go on is the agency stamp on the back of a print? ….and a google search is not bringing up the current owners contact details ?

Many photo agencies have just disappeared or closed with their business with collections lost forever  – but many still exist probably in the collection of a current operating photo agency. Our Press Photo History Project is mapping the whereabouts of these collections and we offer a agency location service. On file we have many of the new owners of these hard to find copyright holders others we are able to locate through our extensive world wide network of photo agency owners, private photo collections and photo curators and researchers.

We work with film production companies, advertising agencies, brands, museums and charities solving lost image copyrights.

So, looking for a unfindable agency – give us a go – we are connecting and clearing photo licenses every week
[email protected] or call on Will 0n 07802437827.