Portman Press Bournemouth

By January 23, 2020 Will Carleton

One of the most requested ‘lost photo agency’ is Portman Press – the agency mainly covered public events and homes – they shot middle class weddings and rooms for the house proud – popular in the 40’s and 50’s.
They did cover shots for the press but we think these were studio shots – for lifestyle pages in newspapers and magazines in the UK.

It now appears they operated outside London – as this request just in shows:

“I have some old B&W photo’s of my parents wedding stamped on the back Portman Press “”(West Country) Ltd, Moorland Court, Bournemouth. Folio 3435/28 I image the plates would have disappeared years ago but if you have any idea if they are still held some where I wouldn’t mind knowing as there are some great pictures of cousins, aunts and uncles that it would be great to try and reprint if possible. The photos are from 1956 and were taken around St. Mary’s Church, Stratfield Saye on the Duke of Wellingtons Estate”

The reader sent us the photos and of course the verso – above.

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If you worked for Portman Press please get in contact [email protected] – Thanks !