Planet News – Just a photo agency?

By November 28, 2012 Will Carleton

This in from a researcher working on a book about news footage agencies wanting to check his copy re Andy Andrews at Planet.
Dear Will

I’m not seeking vast amounts, more a confirmation that Andy Andrews of Planet News was a photographer and not a journalist who took photos. And maybe some basic background material on Planet News such as: was it purely a photographic agency?

Incidentally, Gaumont British News cameraman Ted Candy told me that he and Andrews were part of the news team ready to cover the airborne assault south of Paris in support of Patton in August 1944 but it was called off at the last moment. Candy suffered seven airborne cancellations before his boss, Castleton Knight, insisted he did not waste any more time by turning up for them. And so he ignored the mission on the 17th which turned out to be Arnhem…

Answers to [email protected] please
Topfoto in Edenbridge Kent currently own the photo archives of Planet News – more here: Searching For Planet News Photo Copyright