Picture Research – Copyrights to clear – Various photographers / agencies

By August 21, 2013 August 22nd, 2013 Will Carleton

UPDATED 4:30pm: Through our vast network of photo agencies and picture libraries reading the PressPhotoHistory.com and PhotoArchiveNews.com websites – we have already reconnected images owners with an image buyer seeking to clear otherwise untraceable copyrights – cheers! see list updated in Bold

Original request at 2:15 PM:

This in from a documentary film company in London:

Dear Will,

Nice to speak with you on the phone briefly.
I have selection of photographs of John Ogdon that I am trying to get clearance for use within our BBC4 documentary. Our documentary John Ogdon: Living With Genius is a celebration of the life and works of the British classical pianist. We are working closely with John’s widow: Brenda, his two children and his musical contemporaries.

Please let me know if you have contact details for any of the following:

Arthur Burns Manchester
Allegro and Frederick Bass
Anthony Crickmay – -at Camera Press
Anthony Crickmay and S Hurock (New York)
Barratts, Fleet Street – at Alpha Press
David Huban
Geoffrey Rivett
Grade One Photographic, London
Godfrey Argent – at Camera Press
Klaus Hennch, 8044, Zurich
Pictorial Press Ltd still running
Ronald H Armstrong , Sydney
Stephens Orr, Glasgow

This in from Julia Ruxton Picture Manager LAURENCE KING PUBLISHING LIMITED

Hi Will

I’m not sure how helpful this is, but Anthony Crickmay’s pre-1987 photos are at the Theatre Museum. It is only those after 1987 at Camera Press, though maybe he didn’t give them his copyright.


If you own any of these collections please email me: [email protected] – thanks