This in from a PAN reader trying to trace a couple of photographers, answers on an email please:  [email protected]

‘We are attempting to identify a photographer who took a photograph of an egg being fried on the bonnet of a car in either 1975 or 1976. We are currently focused on two individuals. (and, yes they have already asked Mirrorpix and they have found some info on ‘JH’)

At this point the only information we have is the date contained in the caption (25th June 1976) and the photographers initials “JH”. We are seeking to identify JH. It would also be helpful if anyone could recall whether any other photographs relating to eggs being fried on the bonnet of a mini by a girl were taken and published during the summers of 1975 and 1976. I have heard anecdotally that images of this nature were published, but have so far been unable to identify precisely when and where.

I am not sure whether you will need to use the image. If you think it is necessary can you advise as to how to obtain the correct permissions.

The second person we are trying to identify is a man who went by the name of Dave “Flash” Gordon. Our understanding is that Gordon was a freelance press photographer whose photos were published by the Daily Mirror (perhaps others?). He is believed to have lived in the Islington/Canonbury area of North London during the years 1974/75/76. We believe he visited Brighton during this period (1975/76). He used to drive a Mini and may have also taken pictures of eggs being fried on its bonnet.

answers on an email please:  [email protected]