This photo in from Alan Sparrow (Executive Picture Editor – Metro) © ?
L to R: Roger Tooth, Guardian, At back Frank Martin rtd, Denis Thorpe rtd, Mike Huckle dkrm mangr rtd, Martin Argles photographer now freelancing, Mrs Crook ,Brian Crooks wife, Eamonn McCabe Picture Editor, Ted West photog decd, Garry Weaser photog rtd, Dave Connolly printer, Brian Crook retiring pic ed, Dave Willis printer, Sally Hodder pic desk assistant, Dave Sillitoe photog still on the staff, John Pilkington previous picture editor, At back Alan Sparrow dep pic ed, Frank Baron photog, Picture researcher (forgotten her name ), Ken Saunders photog rtd, Graham Turner still at Guardian.

This photo in from Alan Sparrow (Executive Picture Editor – Metro) “Hi Will, here is a photograph of the Guardian picture desk from the eighties.’I know all the people in the photograph and the occasion and in fact I got it from David [Sillitoe] . I can’t remember who took the pic but I guess it was one of those in the pic , an early selfie ! ”

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