Photo resource: York Minster Photographic Holdings

By November 9, 2015 Will Carleton

York Minster cathedral – PHOTOGRAPHIC HOLDINGS
• Evelyn Collection (York) (19th-20th cent.)
• Green Collection (York Minster) (1860-1986)
• ‘Main Photographic Collection’ (York Minster and related) (1880s-1999?) Behind the Scenes (York Minster) (20th cent.)
• Image Licensing Files (York Minster) (20th cent.)

• Loan Collection (York Minster and related) (20th cent.)
• Microforms (mainly material from York Minster Library and Archives) (20th cent.- 2003)
• Royal Visits Slides (York Minster) (20th cent.)
• Treasures collections (York Minster) (20th cent.)
• Architectural Photographs of York Minster (bef. 1904-83)
• Photographs of Religious Buildings, Castles, and Windmills (Yorkshire and non- Yorkshire) (1920-49)
• Special Services (mainly English churches, incl. York Minster) (1920s-74) History-of-the-Minster Slides (1984?)
• (York Minster) Fire [and restoration] Slides (1984-88)
• Images Taken by National Monuments Record (incl. York Minster windows) ([19]88)
• York Minster Library and Archives Slides (2002)

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