Photo agency timeline: South London Photo Agency – London Features International (LFI) – Photofeatures International

By July 13, 2013 Will Carleton

Great timeline and copyright stamps here from photo agency owner Chris Walter current owner at Photofeatures International in California.



Hi Will
Good to hear from you.

The time line is pretty accurate, I also have attached pics of our stamps (other than LFI).

Just a reminder of my sequence of agencies.

I started South London Photo Agency around 1964 or 1965 shooting Music which all my businesses have revolved around.
That morphed into London Photo Agency in 1968 when Alec Byrne and Frank Baron joined me, doing music and sports. We covered everything, and did everything including the film developing and printing ourselves, though later we had some printers to help us.
I left London Photo Agency (which continued in the 70’s) and in 1972 founded London Features International with writer John Halsall. Initially it was based on my photography and library, but we then added staff including writers , a photographer and printer. We were later joined by Mike Putland, who later went on to start Retna.
When I departed LFI I started Photofeatures International in 1975 still in London, which I still have, though of course I am now in Los Angeles. Photofeatures in the US in the later 1980’s became the prominent Rock Photo Agency representing major UK music photographers in the US including Ross Halfin, and the major US photographers around the world. Sadly this was pre digital distribution!

All these entities still have many photos still in mag and newspaper files, especially in the UK and Europe. I always believed in syndicating as widely as possible and we did so heavily, until the digital age.

I consider this my 50th Anniversary in the music photography business!!
↑ This was April 1963 at Royal Albert Hall

All the best

Chris Walter – Photofeatures International