Updated 20 August 2019

These images of victorian interiors (no details of location) shot by ‘Park’s Press Photographic Agency Ltd 89 Fleet St EC’ sent by a very kind reader in Devon who found these images and thought they would be of interest to the PPHP, they are, Thanks Sheila!
any clues to narrowing the date for these please let us know.

We believe these were shot to order by Park’s as a packaged, an advertising postcard for the the agency’s photographic services we have on record shows a house portrait and 3 images carries a note on the reverse as below:

Update 29 Oct 2018

An eBay sale of a post card credits ‘Parks Press Studio, 89 Fleet St, London’ (dated Nov 23 – year not readable)

Update: this in from a PPHP reader



I am doing some work on a photograph which was taken by this agency.
I think it was run by Charles Henry Park, who worked from 89 Fleet Street.
He is listed in the Newspaper Press Directory and Advertisers Guide 1917 with this entry:
“Park’s Press Photographic Agency, Limited. Topical photographs from all parts of the world and news stories will illustrations. Advertising and commercial photography a speciality. Address – 89 Fleet Street, London E. C. Telephone Holborn 2019”


If you have any info on this agency please email [email protected]