Owners found: Various orphaned images

By September 11, 2014 Will Carleton

Latest photos reunited through the PPHP. – cheers!

Dear Will,

Thanks for your help. I seem to have stumbled on just the right place and person.

I am writing a book for a small Amercan publisher in Oregon about the evacuation of children to America in World War II. There are a few photos I would like to consider using and would like to have permission to do so and find out what conditions or charge there would be.

The credits in the History are given as

Central Press Photos Terry Chambers: Lord Carrington, Bob Worcester and the Queen.
Alpha Photography/ Sport and general: Mrs. Roosevelt presented with flowers
Planet News: General Marshall and Prime Minister Attlee
PA: Attlee and Eisenhower
PA: Duke of Edinburgh, General Ridgeway, Churchill