Searching for: Various Photo Agencies – Nautical Theme

By July 6, 2012 Will Carleton

A researcher with the Britannia trust has contacted the PPHP looking for copyright holders to a number of images they hold. The PPHP has put the researcher in touch (as below) with the Hulton Archive at Getty Images the Press Association for their owned collections but there are still a few outstanding as below:

Hi Will,
Thank you very much for your assistance on the phone today!

Below are the ones that I am looking into. Also if you have any licensing advise on agencies that are no longer existing – if that means that their photos are now open to the public or if a plate got auctioned off to an individual after the closing of an agency, if they now hold the rights etc…

Kirk Cowes
Sport and General Press Agency Ltd – now at PA Images
Central Press Photos Ltd – Getty Images
Worldwide Photos
Fox Photos Ltd – Getty Images
Detroit Photographic Co.
Topical Press – Getty Images
Photographer: Turner ..awaiting more info on this
Photographer: Murdoch ..awaiting more info on this

Thanks again for your help!

Britannia Trust

If you know the whereabouts of any of the agencies above please email [email protected]