Searching for: Union Photo-News Agency – FOUND

By May 24, 2012 July 9th, 2012 Will Carleton

24 May: An hour after posting a Searching For request on the site  – we had this in from PPHP reader Mike Conway Senior Editor at EPA Europe:  ‘According to my source in Athens it is more likely to have been United New Photographers agency which was the prime agency at the time and was founded by d. triantafyllou, d fotinopoulos, d. floros and euripides martoglou. all the last generation top greek photographers have worked for them……’


Mike writes: ‘eureka!! received the following a few moments ago’:
‘Well Mike After a short research I found that the Union Photo-news Agency was the photographers I mentioned in the previous mail. The son of one of them (Triantafyllou) sold their archive a couple of years ago. The part of the archive before 1964  went to someone called Nikos Tolis (no other details, phone number 6942464454), who told me that the other part , after 1964, went to Kontominas Ltd who owns Alpha TV, a Greek tv channel. I asked Alpha tv  if they can help your man and they gave me this address to forward to him [email protected]
bests Orestis.

PPHP: Thanks Mike we have let the picture researcher know – she responded: “That’s fantastic!! I’ll let you know how I get on. And please do pass on my thanks to your reader.”

Below is the request from a film researcher:


Hi Will,

We spoke yesterday about a photo I am researching for the film ‘Quartet’ which is
directed by Dustin Hoffman. The idea is to have old photos of the cast in the end roller next to their credits.

The photo provided (above) by the actor/musician Greame Scott (see attached) shows him on stage with Igor Stravinsky in Athens 1966 and is stamped on the back “Union” Photo-News Agency”
I am looking for photographer information or any way to contact the archive of the old new agency.
I am afraid we don’t have a scan of the back as yet but we can get eventually.

If you own or know the whereabouts of Union please contact the PPHP at [email protected]