Looking For: Trans World Feature Syndicates

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This in from a photographer:
‘Back in the 1970’s I was living in India so had my agency (Trans World Feature Syndicates) transfer my stuff to their London office. I was told that they were moving to a new address and my portfolio got lost in the process.
It is mostly early Rock and Roll, as I was another of the original Crawdaddy guys, and house photographer at the first Rock theatre (the Anderson) and so on.
Also anti war movement and counter culture pics.
The shoot that ended up producing the first Jim Morrison cover on Crawdaddy was a part of it. I mention that because when An American Prayer was produced a marketing poster for it was one of the “lost” photos. The poster was produced in Birmingham, England by a company called Phoenix as I remember. (No publisher or photographer credits on it)
The work was all done under my name, Mel Zimmer.
Would appreciate any help you might be able to give.’
Mel Zimmer

extended detail:
‘Most of the stuff was shot at the pre Filmore East, Anderson Theatre. That was a partnership between the original Rock mag, Crawdaddy, and a mafia family.
Not sure if you knew Paul Williams who started Crawdaddy, but you might want to know he recently fell while riding his bicycle in Colorado and is now living in an assisted care home because of brain injuries he received in the fall.’

:: if you know the whereabout of this portfolio or can help track it down please contact [email protected] or phone UK 07802 437827 ::

UPDATE 4pm 23/3/10 : Elsa Zion (c1935 – 2005) was manager of US office 1970s – 80s.
Also finding links to Al Landau, wife Sheila, and his mother who ran Trans-World Features Syndicate with offices in New York, London and Paris. If this is same outfit they also syndicated illustrations and marvel comic strips.

Company of same name listed at 26-29 ST.CROSS STREET, HATTON GARDEN, LONDON, EC1N 8HH in 1988 but now dissolved.
from Sarah MacDonald