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By April 22, 2011 April 26th, 2011 Will Carleton

UPDATE: new comment posted – see comments at foot of this article.

London Life mag 1965-1967 (not the original London Life, a men’s mag c1920 -1960). A photographer is trying to track down his negs. He says it was part of Sunday Times (Times outfit bought from Thompson by Murdoch’s News International in 1981) but they don’t have any content from it. Any ideas or can you put the question out on the blog? This is what I’ve got on its history.

In 1965 Tatler’s publishers, controlled by Thomson, closed the title and Tatler was reinvented as London Life (under former Sunday Times Magazine editor Mark Boxer).Within two years, London Life folded, and the Illustrated County Magazine Group (publishers of East Anglia Life) bought the Tatler name, and relaunched it as a monthly in March 1968. It was sold and relaunched as a monthly magazine in 1977, called Tatler & Bystander till 1982 when sold to Conde Nast.

Update 21 April from Terrence Pepper- National Portrait Gallery London….
“We have been in touch with some of the London Life contributors including John Benton-Harris who still holds his negatives, Peter Akehurst who has lost most of his work, Allan Ballard has other work and John Kelly is travelling. Camera Press
syndicated work from the magazine and possibly  still hold material. I have been building up a run of hard to find copies. Who are the copyright holders..do rights revert to the photographers after first use or does Mary Evans now own rights”?

UPDATE: 11/3/10: Luci Gosling said…

We hold the (admittedly small) run of London Life magazine here at Mary Evans Picture Library. It forms part of the Illustrated London News archive which we house and represent and slots onto the end of our run of The Tatler (1901 – 1965), another publication which formed part of the ILN Group (before the whole of the magazine group became part of the Thomson organisation). London Life is a brilliant magazine, a true snapshot of the swinging sixties and makes fascinating reading. It’s a great shame it was so short-lived. An even greater shame is that we hold no original photography from this publication whatsoever, and there is no indication what became of it, or where it might be. As a consequence, we have very little material from this magazine online – although we do have a fabulous colour photograph of the girls from the London Life office modelling 1966 World Cup inspired fashions on the site! We’d certainly be interested in hearing from anyone who worked for the magazine during the sixties, or who has photographic material which was published in London Life.
Luci Gosling, Mary Evans Picture Library