Looking for: Joe Warldof or Laurence Hanley – press photographers?

By June 24, 2013 June 28th, 2013 Will Carleton

UPDATED – this in from PPHP contributor photographer David Levensonthank you Daivd!
Hi Will

I saw your query on PPHP about Joe Waldorf.

I met him in the States many years ago on a Queen Tour in 1983. I think he lived in California, and would guess is probably not alive today.
He worked at Planet News. He has a picture of the Queen in 1953 in “Press Pictures of a Decade” – a great little book if you don’t have a copy, published in 1960 by Photography magazine.


Original Request
This just in from a PPHP reader:

Hi, Will.

I have been contacted by someone who has bought a collection of slides at auction showing the Royal family in the 1960s, Some are credited: Joe Warldof or Laurence Hanley. It sounds like they were press photographers. I just wondered if you had a record of them so I can pass on the information.

if you have info please email the PPHP office on [email protected]