Looking For Fleet Street – A History Of Press Photography

By December 10, 2009 Uncategorized

As part of an ongoing project at my news site PhotoArchiveNews.com we have been mapping the photo agencies and photographers who worked in and around Fleet Street. We aim to produce a ‘family tree’ to include dates, names and ‘where-are-they-now’ information to preserve and highlight the press photography industry – from the beginning. This information will be used to help find original owners of content and provide an educational resource centered on the history of press photography. Some agencies and press photographers are still located close to the famous street, but most collections have been sold into larger companies or have just disappeared.
Photo Archive News has already been involved in reuniting press photographers with their photographs particularly where a photographer was a staff photographer working for a fleet street photo agency. We have mapped the path of many newspaper photo libraries, many of them having been split between various owners over the years. Many sections of the photographic archives of newspapers and agencies are still lost or, in one case we know about, buried under tonnes of concrete!

Services offered by the project – available NOW:

– Photographic collection valuation.

– Photographic collection sales and acquisition.

– Advice on storing negatives and prints.

– Advice on scanning and digital storage.

– Locate lost images – negative and print.