Looking For: Epsom Derby Paddock Scene 1933

By November 5, 2011 November 11th, 2011 Will Carleton

UPDATE: 11 Nov 2011: this in from PPHP reader Photographer David Levenson.
Re : Looking For: Epsom Derby Paddock Scene 1933

For no other reason than I used to work in Fox Photos darkroom in 1979, I would suggest that Peter gives Matt or Sarah at the Hulton a call.

We used to make prints of that size ( 8′ x 4′ ) on an massive old wholeplate enlarger mounted sideways on a rail track, under the railway arches in Scoresby Street. When a train went over everything vibrated. Exposing a neg for a print that big took a couple of minutes, but amazingly everything vibrated exactly the same, so the prints stayed sharp!
I know that we normally made a large copy negative from a print to blow up that big, so it’s possible that the image could exist as a print in the Hulton, but not have been scanned for the website

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PressPhotoHistory.com reader Peter Bartlam needs your help tracing original’s for the images above.
Peter writes: I have a challenge to trace an archive photo from 1933. The history to this is that I did have a panoramic 8ft x 4ft mounted mural photo of an Epsom Derby paddock scene. Regrettably this has been lost last year by a removals/storage company. This bit is a long story! The mural in question had been produced from an archive photo and was used in an exhibition commemorating the 200th running of the Derby circa 1979/80. I acquired the mural photo after the closure of the exhibition. The exhibition was arranged at the time by a Mr Lambourne from the Victoria and Albert Museum. If my memory is correct the exhibition itself was in the Tate. This picture is of significant family significance as my father is one of the jockeys in the forefront of the scene. Another point of significance is the presence of Sir Alfred Munnings in the scene. I had previously taken photos as records of the picture and attach two scanned copies of the LH and RH halves of the picture. Sir Alfred Munnings is the figure in the forefront on the left in the trilby hat and my father is the jockey in the forefront on the right.

Although I do have the photographic record I would like to trace the original source in order to make a new print for display purposes – but maybe not 8 ft x 4 ft this time! I have made some internet searches without success. I have found several photos from the Epsom Derby 1933 on the Associated Press archives but not this one and I have found a Pathe news video.
I would therefore welcome any advice or assistance that you can provide.

If this photo is in your archive or know where it may be please email [email protected] and I will put you in touch with Peter.