Looking For: Daily Press, St Anne’s Court, Broadgate, London

By March 29, 2012 Will Carleton

A PPHP reader from the Royal Academy of Dance writes:
‘A recent bequest we received into the library here at the Royal Academy of Dance included 2 photographs copyright of the Daily Press based at St Anne’s Court, Broadgate, EC4. No other information is included as to the date or subjects (people) in the photos and I would like to try and find out more about them without infringing copyright.

Do you know if there is a photographic archive for this press agency or who holds the copyright?

‘They arrived as part of recent bequest of dance books – found inside the cover of a book about Russian Ballet dating from 1911. I don’t know if that has any significance regarding the image content but a dance connection is a possibility.
I think they are great images and if you are able to find anything out at all, I’d be very grateful.’

If you know what happened to the agency or represent the collection please email [email protected] – thanks