Looking for: copyright holders – World’s Graphic Press

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If you own or know where the content of World’s Graphic Press photo agency is please write to me [email protected] – a PhotoArchiveNews.com reader is looking to pay a license fee on images from the agency. The images being sort have a date stamp 1910.

World’s Graphic Press was the first news-photo agency and operated in Fleet Street. source: The Photography Reader

UPDATE: 4/3/10 Photographer David Levenson writes, “Just to add to Sarah’s information, I remember knowing Bill Warhurst when he was a staff photographer on The Times during the eighties and earlier. He was working from at least 1950 on, and his father had been a press photographer before him ( there is an H. Warhurst photo from 1944 on Hulton ) so I am surmising that the Warhurst who started WGP was his grandfather? If you have a copy of James Jarches book “People I have shot” from 1934, he talks about Warhurst and Worlds Graphic Press (page 21).”

UPDATE: 22/2/10 Sarah McDonald (Curator at Getty Images Hulton Archive) sent this update: ” WGP set up by warthurst and family apparently still active in fleet street in 1980″.