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I am trying to find out who took a specific photo.

There is a photo in a biography of John Cadman called Ambassador for Oil about which I am trying to find out more. There were at least two photographs taken during his lecture on the evening of Friday July 21, 1933 at the Royal Institution where he presented to the World Petroleum Congress . The event was sponsored by the Institution of Petroleum Technologists (now the Energy Institute).

The Royal Institution doesn’t have the photos. Getty Images doesn’t have them. BP doesn’t have them. The World Petroleum Congress doesn’t have them. The Energy Institute doesn’t have them; although they were able to provide copies of the article from their bound copy of the Richard Clay and Sons 1933 publication of that lecture.  Richard Clay and Sons do not have them.

Please can you help?  Who took the photograph and how can I get a really nice print? He’s my great grandfather and I have been trying for two years to get better quality copies of these images  for my mother.

In truth, I’m now onto the much larger project of transcribing John Cadman’s diaries from 1927 to 1938, but I just can’t let this one go. I would be so grateful to know who can help me chase down the photographer and the whereabouts of negatives/prints.

I would also appreciate any advice you can give on finding more pictures of John Cadman.

Answers on an email thanks [email protected]