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We have a company history search here looking to find and clear copyrights: The family member has covered most Kent press and a few local photographers  for images of the company and came to the PPHP looking to widen his search. We have covered our network of commercial news agencies throughout the UK so we are now putting this out to our world network via the site and on

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Hi Will,

The company was founded by James Clubb MBE (1908-2003) in 1930 and incorporated as two Limited companies in 1956. There have been numerous subsidiaries as mentioned in the list on my previous email. The main business of the company has been the winning and processing of aggregates through excavation or dredging. Between 1948 and 1974 a small fleet of coaches was operated and the company also had plant hire operations from the 1950s to 1990s. Cement mixer trucks were added to the fleet from 1972. The company logo is a playing card ♣️ and the company colours up to the 1960s was Brown at which point the vehicle cabs were changed to Cream. The coaches were always brown and gold.

After James Clubb’s retirement the business was carried on by his son James Clubb and son in law Andrew Nash. The company has had over 900 vehicles and machines pass through its fleet in the past 88 years. 

There has been land and property across Kent at Ham Hill, Sundridge, Darenth, Wrotham, Wilmington, Dartford and Denton. The company headquarters have always been at Church Hill Wilmington.

Major projects the company has been involved with include the Dartford Tunnel, M20 and M25 motorways and Bluewater shopping centre.

Answers to [email protected]

UPDATEd 5 April: Great communication in here after we posted the above on here and our news site

Hi Will,

I’ve just seen the above request which stopped me in my tracks as my father worked for Clubbs until he passed away 12 years ago. It’s all a bit close to home!

Anyhow, I took photos for this company whilst my dad was alive and working there, some 15-20 years ago. It was taken on film and the negative are somewhere – in my mum’s loft possibly!

I’m not sure I understand the request exactly – have they got images they’re trying to clear copyright for or looking for images?

Let me know if I can be of any help.