Horst Faas Photographer 1933 – 2012

By May 11, 2012 Will Carleton

Horst Faas holding the UK Picture Editors’ Guild Chairman’s Award for his contribution to the industry awarded in 2011. Photo: Piced.net

Horst Faas the photojournalist and long time photo operations chief at Associated Press has died aged 79. He was a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner.
Associated Press announcement: Horst Faas, AP combat photographer, dies at 79

Horst was a great early supporter of my first project Photo Archive News and a major inspiration behind this site, the Press Photo History Project. He called me from his office (at the old central London AP building, Norwich Street) in the summer of 2003. Photo Archive News had been online for a couple of years by then and I was at my day job with a photo press agency nearby… I was standing in his office 20 minutes later.
We then met almost weekly at his office or over lunch where we would talk about the industry and would suggest small changes to the site, new features and news articles. He steered me into his vast network of colleges, many of whom have provided the deep knowledge required for the PAN and PPHP websites. His interest in the sites ran in line with a project he had been working on to record the history of the wired photo and wire photo transmission. He handed me a wad of A4 sheets one day and said ‘this is where I have got to’ – I think he intended to write a book on the subject but was already busy with various other projects. One of these was his involvement with the IMMF, Indochina Media Memorial Foundation, which provides practical workshops for aspiring Vietnamese photojournalists. He introduced me to his fellow London based IMMF trustees Sheila Brown and Peter Rimmer who were helping Horst put together an auction of photographs to raise funds for the next workshop – here is part of the catalogue from that auction – I got involved with that auction and joined Horst, Sheila and Peter as a trustee of the IMMF shortly afterwards.
Horst lived and breathed photojournalism and had time and encouragement in for anyone passionate about the subject.
Will Carleton

Horst Faas 28/04/1933 – 10 May 2012