Horace Joseph Hall: Manager At Sport & General – 1928?

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This note in from a member of the public trying to trace what happened to his grandfather during the 2nd world war. He was working as Manager at Sport & General up to and after the war but did he work there during the war? – if the name rings a bell or you know what happened to the agency staff during the war please get in touch. Note: Sport & General images are now held and marketed through the Press Association

Hi Will,
Further to our telecon this pm I confirm I am looking into the life of my maternal grandfather Horace Joseph Hall. These are the basic details I have so far:-

Born 1881 1 Church Row ,Ealing
1901 Photographic apprentice at the above address

The above was also reported in Biography notes at Photo LONDON

Married 1904, then described as photographer and they went to live at 118 Munster Road.Fulham
My mother was born there 1907 and he is still described as photographer
She married my father in Welwyn Garden City in 1928 when Horace was listed as Manager,Press agency ( must be Sport & General) . I am sure they moved out of London to WGC and he commuted daily.
At some stage after 1904 they moved from Fulham into central London, Kings St. which no longer exists and is now an extension of Blandford St just off Baker St. Mother went to boarding school at a very early age which probably co-incides with the move into Town.
In the late ‘ 30s he was widowed and married his secretary, wait for it Harriet Boggis, and moved to South Eden Park Road Beckenham and was still running the Agency. He retired afterWW11 maybe the Agency folded and set up photographers studio/shop called “Horace” , Weddings etc at Elmers End and died in 1953.
I have many memories of going with my mother to the Agency in Lion Court as a child during WW11 and going down Fleet St to his favourite pub for lunches.