Fleet Street News Agency – A Memory

By December 3, 2010 Uncategorized

From an article on the ABC Tales website created by John Bird (The Big Issue founder), along with Gordon Roddick (The Body Shop co-founder.(Here at ABCtales.com, we think it’s important, from time to time, to stop and think about why we do what we do)

‘When I was seventeen, it never occurred to me that it would be hard or anything, to get a job. I just thought you walked in and told the person what you’d decided to do, and that would be that. So I wasn’t surprised at all when, after telling the advisor I wanted to be a journalist, he went away and came back shortly afterwards with a form. He read me the details; there was a vacancy for a trainee reporter, over sixteen years of age, at the Fleet Street news agency on Exmouth Market. It was full time, and the pay was nineteen pounds a week. I could have an interview fixed for the next day if I wanted…..’ Full article here: Fleet Street News Agency abctales.com