Daily Mail Archive Blitz Photo Story

By December 29, 2010 Uncategorized

The Daily Mail has an article covering their shot of St Pauls taken by photographer Herbert Mason during the Blitz.
‘Today is the ­anniversary of one of the greatest photographs of World War II being taken — and of a defining ­moment in British history. On the night of December 29, 1940, ­Daily Mail chief photographer ­Herbert Mason was ­firewatching on the roof of the ­newspaper’s offices ­between Fleet Street and the Thames….
…On the roof of the Mail’s office at Northcliffe House, Carmelite Street, Herbert Mason gazed on the inferno around the cathedral, less than half a mile from where he stood — and raised his camera.
…..‘I focused at intervals as the great dome loomed up through the smoke,’ he later said. ‘The glare of many fires and sweeping clouds of smoke kept hiding the shape. Then a wind sprang up. ­Suddenly, the shining cross, dome and towers stood out like a symbol in the inferno. The scene was unbelievable. In that moment or two, I released my shutter.’…..
Full article and an image of Herbert Mason with camera at dailymail.co.uk