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By August 8, 2012 August 27th, 2012 Will Carleton

Updated: 27 Aug :
Hi Will,

I am the archives manager for Bauer Consumer Media, based in Peterborough.
I have just seen on the Home page of the Press Photo History site that Mr Baz Staple is looking to contact the copyright holder for Temple Press.
I believe it is us! I think it was an archive that was bought or inherited or something along those lines by the publishers of Car magazine/Motorcyclenews magazine (could have been Emap back in the day or in that company’s or mags previous incarnation).
Anyway I am fascinated by your Press Photo History project and would like to offer some help as we go through our archives in sending on info etc.
Thanks and regards,
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Updated: 09 Aug :
Getty images have all the central press photos files

Planet news was taken over by UPI at the beginning of the sixties. And I believe that Bettmann archives now hold the bulk of all historically material

Up to the time they were taken over by Reuters in 1985.
Mike Conway – epa picture desk
Posted Aug 8th
Hi Will

To sum up our situation I will be the editor of a book to be published early next year called The Story of the Sunbeam MCC’s Pioneer Run®.  The publisher will be the Sunbeam Motor Cycle Club Ltd. who have run the ‘London to Brighton’ Pioneer Run for pre 1915 motorcycles and three wheelers continuously from 1930, with the exception of the war years.
We wish to use the following photographs, the originals of which are in our archive –

Sport and General

  • 24th April 1938 ref F283029  Bullen Brown on 1902 Clement-Garrard
  • 9th February 1930 ref 379060 Norah Everitt 1930 James
  • 13th February 1930 ref 1260 crowd scene start, Croydon Aerodrome

London News Agency Photos

  • 9th February 1930 ref 43/8/230 M J Kensett  Chater-Jap

Keystone View Company

  • 1932 ref A7652 1898 Ariel Tricycle R J Martin
  • 13th March 1932 ref A7646 1903 Beeston Humber R Neville
  • 19th March 1950 no ref. 1898 Beeston Tricycle E A Marshall
  • 1932 ref. A7650 1904 Kerry  F W (PA)  Appleby and F A Applebee, (son)

Fox Photos Ltd.

  • 19th March 1949 ref. 400563   1899 Beeston Tricycle T L Seccombe

Graphic Photo Union

  • 19th March 1950 no reference 1910 FN    H L Wilson

Planet News

  • 20th March 1949 ref. 181023 (AND) 1898 Raleigh Mr Day
  • 16th March 1947 ref. STEW.PN-s  1911 BSA Mrs M Savage
  • 20th March 1949 ref. 181024 (AND) Massed for the Start

Associated Press

  • 1949 ref. RIS 345780 20349 pb  1899 Beeston Tricycle T L Seacombe

Temple Press

  • January 1944 no reference Jim Hall and Rex Judd with Rudge motorcycle

Portsmouth Newspapers Ltd.

  • pre 1940 no reference 1899 British Traction and 1902 Clement Garrard

Would appreciate your assistance on clearance to use, plus any fee information required and we are assuming that pre 1942 photos are out of copyright, please confirm.

Kind regards

Baz Staple

Chairman and Archivist

Contact [email protected] to claim license on these photos.