Central Press Photos: Tony Wilson worked there from 1959-61 – here are the Staff he remembers

By June 8, 2021 Will Carleton

Central Press Photos, one of Fleet Street’s biggest and busiest press photo agencies back in the day and the springboard for many long photographic careers,  features regular on the PPHP.

This time we have been contacted by Tony Wilson who writes from Australia where he is stranded due to the COVID situation:
‘I was in Central Press Photos from July 59 to September 61. I am trapped in Australia by travel restrictions. I have, or had, a couple of old time pictures from those days but I am separated from my stuff right now.’

Googled CPP a few weeks ago for no particular reason, saw this article and another about a reunion.

I recall many of the names from the second article

Will, Raining in Australia so sitting in a beachfront cafe with nothing to do I set “The Old Grey Cells on Central Press” and came up with these names. Cannot guarantee accuracy (I am bloody 77) but I think I am not far off. It would be the 59-61 period

I joined in July 1959. Was looking for a job (just quit school due to family circumstance) and saw one in the evening paper. Thought it look exciting and paid three quid a week. Was a messenger, enjoyed jogging around all the newspaper offices, no security then. Worse job was being sent to “Jones Diary” for a tannersworth of tea in a batter teapot. Got to Wimbledon, the big cricket grounds and a few other places to fetch film. Not to mention the mad day Princess Margaret got married (for the first time).

I then got promoted to the bench, shared the work with Harry (whose surname escapes me). That was based on a 9-6 day but could be extended, with alternative Saturdays. I also became the backup Caption Writer to Ray Dowling.

I left in September 1961, got a job with Hulton Publications as a Copy Detail clerk/Writer on their technical magazine’s. Got to be an expert on shipping, manufacturing equipment and, later, Data Processing (Now known as IT) which got me hooked and led me back into education.

Hope this adds to the project, if I get back to the UK I will look for any pictures.

Central Press Staff 1969/61:

Albert Cude: Managing Director; He once spent ½ hour telling me of his experience in the trenches in WW1 when I asked for my TA time.

John Lacey: News Editor, later (I think) MD.

Dennis Moore: Not sure of his formal role, he was on Periodicals but then was deployed everywhere and in charge if John Lacy not about. Lived in Cheam. Had been infantryman in WW2.

Ron Mulvaney: Periodical sales, also Championship-class badminton/squash player at the club in Wimbledon.

Harry: Bench operator. A quiet ginger haired bloke.

Ron Haslar: Foreman of darkroom and boys. Also got involved wherever needed. Had been a POW of Japs and had health issues.

Mike?: Senior Printer and Darkroom Chargehand, had been hurt in serious bike smash. From West Ham.

Jim Jackson: Printer, did national service in an RAF darkroom.

Trevor Humphries: Printer, lived in Ewell, think he became a photographer.

Roy Jones: Printer, later became a photographer on the Evening Standard(Coincidence-A friend of mine lost her husband in an accident and was the subject of an Evening Standard article ( 1967) and the photographer was Roy Jones).

Mike “Big Steve” Stevens: Developer, had been messenger and sink.

Weaver?: messenger and then sink.

Brian Aris: Messenger and Sink, became celebrity photographer.

Karl Bosworth: Caption Writer, former National Service Guardsman, left to work elsewhere, eventually had a publishing company.

Ray Dowling: Caption Writer, later with The Sun (I think) previously worked for a news agency at Heathrow.

There was also a Lady in the library and another, Iris, I think, who did the company secretary role( I went a few times to the bank with her to get cash for wages (according to Ron Hasler I was big and ugly and would scare anyone off)).


PPHP: if you remember working with Tony and can fill in any Staff gaps please email me at [email protected]

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