Central Press Staff Photo – Christmas 1966

By October 3, 2012 January 31st, 2014 Will Carleton

This great photo just in from reader Alan Coomes … who is that just about to kiss at the back?! – scroll down for updates and comments on this image!
Dear Will,

Re the names in the Keystone photo, I for my sins used to be a photographic printer at Central Press Photos between 1965 and 1970 ..I noticed that Melaine Bryan named a few people ie Trevor Humphries and Roger Jackson,we at Central Press  also had two people with the same names and I just wondered if they were the same people,but our Trevor Humphries did not have white flowing locks..find enclosed a picture taken at Christmas 1966 at Central Press,our Trevor Humphries is at the front crouching and Roger Jackson is far right.

Alan Coomes.

Updated: 21 November: John Sheppard writes:
Hello Will I can shed some light on the Central Press 1966 Christmas photo …….. The person 3rd from the left swigging a bottle of beer is me John ( Tom ) Sheppard .
I was a photographic technician there from 1960 until 1973. The person that Alan called Paul Carpenter is actually Geoffrey Carpenter.
The other people in the photgraph are ….. ” kissing ” back row left Luther Jackson, right Mike Conway, middle row from left Michael Basstoe, the girl I forget her name, John Sheppard, Michael Stephens, Geoffrey Carpenter, Clifford Kent, Roger Jackson, front kneeling Trevor Humphries.
Kind regards,
John Sheppard. – John is happy to be contacted via email: [email protected]

Update 5 Oct: Mike Conway writes: 

Hi Will,
I can solve the big  ‘kissing’ question.   it was me (background right) hamming it up with a dark room lad called Luther Jackson who later when on to become a photographer on a p and o liner. leaning  on the dryer with the long coat is clifford kent,who runs a big photo outfit in australia.hiding behind the beer bottle is Michael Stephens (aka big steve) who later left cp to work for pa photos as photographer. he is now retired. extreme left is cp printer micky bastoe. the only female in the photo was the switchboard operator, but name escapes me. the head beneath mine is another darkroom person with the surname of carpenter (perhaps Paul). There were indeed to brian jones at cp at the time, one worked on the bench and the other in the darkroom.

best rgs  mike

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