Central Press photo agency staff ‘incredible reunion’ after 45 years

By May 23, 2013 January 31st, 2014 Will Carleton

↑ Photo shows: L to R Michael Basstoe,Paul Jarrett, Alan Coomes, Ricky McGregor, John Wormley, Alan Sparrow, John Hercock ( sitting ) Roger Jackson, Mike Conway and R Taggart

↑ The photo on PhotoArchiveNews.com which sparked the renunion

This in from Mike Conway who coordinated the renunion:
‘An innocuus image of a farewell party by Central Press photo agency staffers for a retiring photographer sent to PhotoArchiveNews.com last year set in motion an amaying sequence of events that culminated in an incredible reunion of former workmates — many of which had not had contact for as many as 45 years.’

‘Fleet Street neighbours The Punch Tavern (no longer with its famous copper plated bar) and the Old Bell Tavern (sadly no bangers in a plastic display cabinet a la 60’s)were the chosen venues since the more favoured hostelrys of the time have long been dismantled.’

‘It was a seven hour marathon – a non stop chatter of anecdotes, shared experiences and various trips down memory lane plus toasts to absent friends. we came up for air and indeed fresh air at 6.40 pm having started at midday promptly. Many touching emails – some recalling the ‘golden days’ of the street of ink – were read from those unable to come for either geographical or family reasons. some ‘old timers’ live in spain, australia and in my case, germany. what a day and guess what? Another is planned for October as well as next May.’

‘Without the Photo Archive News platform this would never have happened. We all thank Will for his PressPhotoHistory.com feature on the PhotoArchiveNews.com website.’

Updated: from Melanie Bryan Freelance Picture Editor. ‘To fill in a couple more gaps, to the left of Ernie Smith is Paul “Wookie” Jarrett, formerly of PA and The Daily Telegraph, and now of the WPA.  Directly to the right of Trevor Humphries (he of the flowing white locks) is Roger Jackson, who finished his working years as a supervisor at AP London and is hopefully now enjoying a happy retirement. Good luck finding out who the others are!’

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