Central Press: Iwan Morgan remembers the staff – 1955

By April 9, 2022 Will Carleton

The PPHP received an email from Ex-Central Press staffer Ian Morgan, here’s what he remembers of the staff when he arrived at the agency in 1955. – here’s our original thread on Central Press Staff.

Yes I remember the names you mentioned I must have left not long before you started I joined the merchant navy as I wanted to see the world I eventually ended up living in Qld Aust.
Harry on the bench I remember well, small with red hair. Ron the boss was also a nice fella. Steve Clark was into judo he liked to show how good he was sometimes and made one chap cry with his bully tactics but in the end he was ok…. The chap from West Ham was Tony O’Sullivan he rode to work on bushbike , Trevor started just after me , he was forever talking about his girlfriend (Daphne) I supposed he married her in the end? I remember giving him plenty of stick about it. Ron Mulvaney I liked very much as I followed his badminton… Jim Jackson lived over a pub that his folks owned at Peckham.

Roy Jones I wondered how he ended up?
I like you had the job of getting the tea in battered old jugs it beats me why they didn’t have a boiler on the go all day to make fresh tea. The big boss phoned down every day for me to get his Sardine sandwich’s at a cafe on Ludgate hill . Only being 16 at the time I had to drum up a nerve to ask him for a pay rise I was well pleased with the grand total of 1/5 rise.
I liked going out with the photographers sit on the roof at the Oval Henley Regatta or Wimbledon. Do you remember Jack the dispatch rider with the BMW motor bike? I’m arriving in the UK on the 13th April to spend time with my sister in Wales.

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