Smithfield Market, Salesman holds up a fine turkey for auction. wher many Christmas shoppers went in search of Christmas dinner bargain.
23 December 1960 @Lee Smythe @PlanetNews/TopFoto

Can you re-united Planet News photographer’s image in publication?

This in from the library team at Kent based photo library Topfoto :

Hi Will:
Here’s  a good story that just came out of the blue, if you want to run it on PPHP?

0779314 is mine!!! 
In 1960 I worked at Planet News at 8 Bouverie Street as a 15 year old. I took a photo of Smithfield poultry market at Xmas of turkeys being sold in the open air. Planet News were kind enough to forward one of the photos to the papers and it was published in either the Star or Evening Standard. I received the princely sum of 3 pounds 7 shillings and 6 pence. I worked in the photo library at the time. Lee Smythe

TopFoto owns the surviving prints and negatives of Planet News, with all rights contained within, via acquisition of UPI London in the 1970s. UPI London was formed of 3 agencies – U for United Press Association , P for Planet News and , I for International News Photos (INP -previously owned by William Hearst).
The image is attached at 500px. We re-united Lee with his picture but we couldn’t help him locate the image in publication, maybe your readers might be able to help with that?
• Please send any info to [email protected]

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